Friday, May 18, 2012

Snippets on Bullying

[From Developmental Resources Inc.]

A few highlights from recent research compiled by Dr. Meline Kevorkian and Robin D'Antona in 101 Facts about Bullying: What Everyone Should Know.

Fact #3: Bullying often happens in front of adults. (Teachers and parents sometimes overlook bullying because they view it as a “fair fight.”)

Fact #5: Bullying is a worldwide problem! (International researchers have demonstrated that bullying in schools is universal.)

Fact #8: Even friends can be bullies. (Children should be taught to differentiate between constructive criticism, friendly advice and outright bullying.)

Fact #15: Sibling violence is as serious as peer-to-peer violence. (Sibling bullying usually involves children between the ages of 2 and 9.)

Fact #26: Bully-victims are students who can be both a bully and a victim. (Because they have been victimized, bully-victims feel a sense of entitlement to perpetuate the behavior.)

Fact #27: Bully-victims and bullies tend to have more negative attitudes toward school. (They also tend to be more involved in negative behaviors – including delinquency, weapons possession and substance abuse.)

Fact #29: Students who fight back are more likely to be victimized. (Contrary to popular belief, violence often aggravates the situation.)

Fact #30: Victims tend to lack social skills and blame themselves when they are bullied. (They often feel they deserve to be treated poorly by their peers.)

Fact #33: Adolescents who bully often are popular and psychologically strong. (Bullies often use their status within a group to humiliate others. Because they tend to be psychologically stronger, they use that ability to control others.)

Fact #35: Overly aggressive and overly permissive parents are equally likely to have children who bully. (Harsh parents send a message to their children that this is an appropriate way to respond to others. Permissive parents fail to apply consequences for aggressive behavior.)

Dr. Meline Kevorkian is also author of Preventing Bullying, Six Secrets for Parents to Help Their Kids Achieve in School and The Comfort Zone. She is the Executive Director of Academic Review at Nova Southeastern University and a board member of the International Bullying Prevention Association.

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