Monday, November 21, 2016

A Minion Reasons to be Thankful

"Hate" has 4 letters, but so does "Love"
"Enemies" has 7 letters, but so does "Friends"
"Lying" has 5 letters, but so does "Truth"
"Hurt" has 4 letters, but so does "Heal"

Transform every negative energy into an aura of "Possibility".  
It is our perception that makes the difference in the way we feel.

Wisdom from Stuart, who will be joining the board tomorrow~

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Grieving a Beloved Pet

In her article,  "Take It From a Family Who JUST Lost a Pet: This Research About Kids' Grief Will Help", Melissa Willets shares her family's loss of a beloved pet while drawing useful snippets from the October publication of "New research explores what it means when a child loses a pet". Below the article, in the comment section, Candi Wingate shares some practical advise on how to communicate the death to and how to support our children through the experience.

A worthwhile "cup of coffee" read.