Saturday, October 30, 2010

We Are Overloaded with Candies - HELP!!

Getting ready for a pumpkin-carving party at home today and thinking about all the candies that are coming our way . . . what to do, what to do . . .

Great article for helping our children manage their candies:
Tips for Dealing with Halloween Candy Overload

And here are some tips for the grown ups courtesy of "GaGa Sisterhood"; for the complete article visit "9 Tips to Tame Your Halloween Candy Monster"
  1. Buy Halloween candy you don’t like. You’ll be less likely to eat it.
  2. Buy the bare minimum you think you’ll need for trick-or-treaters. Halloween falls on Sunday this year. Since it’s a school night, you’ll probably have fewer visitors.
  3. Don’t buy the candy until October 31. It’s often on sale then, too. If you must buy it sooner, don’t open the bag until Halloween night.
  4. Count the empty wrappers. If you’re popping fun-size bars in your mouth, you can lose track of how many calories you’ve eaten. If you leave the wrappers out, it will remind you how many you’ve eaten.
  5. Give away the leftovers the day after Halloween. Don’t bring it to work and tempt your co-workers with sweets they don’t need.
  6. Plan a conscious indulgence. If there’s a time of day when you crave sweets, wait until then and savor the moment. I like to suck on a Tootsie Pop while I’m watching television. They last a long time, have chocolate in the middle, and they’re only 60 calories per pop.
  7. Avoid the post-Halloween candy sales. It may seem like a good bargain, but you know you’ll regret it later.
  8. Write down the things that trigger your indulgences. If you skip a meal, for example, you’ll be more likely to crave sweets.
  9. Commit to yourself and a friend. Make a pledge with a friend that this holiday season will be a healthy one and list three reasons why.

Friday, October 1, 2010

October Bullying Prevention Month

In just a couple of weeks, our students in grades 3 through 5 will have spent 4 weeks deepening their understanding of bullying. We are taking time to carefully define bullying; clearly identify the aggressor, target(s), and bystanders in situations; and courageously consider how we can activate the power of the bystanders.

Please take a look at this VoiceThread addressing some of the myths around bullying.

Although not a personal fan of Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network (I am definitely a PBS girl), I am so pleased to see programming in support of October Bullying Prevention Month:

Also check out Stop Bullying Now - a favorite!