Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Preparing for the Boston Marathon Bombings Anniversary

As we enter the month of April, and in doing so approach the date of last year's Boston Marathon and the actual Marathon this year on the Monday of school vacation week, some of us may experience a rise in thoughts and emotions related to last year's difficult events surrounding the Marathon.  Surely we may anticipate images and reporting in the media in the weeks to come.  Please take a minute and visit the page below for some helpful ideas in preparation for these weeks ahead.

Riverside Trauma Center Newsletter - Boston Marathon Bombings Anniversary

I encourage all of us to minimize our children's exposure to the media in the coming weeks, especially for children who tend to be anxious or who are sensitive to their sense of safety.  It is advisable to keep the television off, limit their exposure to news on devises, and refrain from discussing these matters in their hearing.  Children who are anxious tend to be hyperalert.  Even if they are a room away, they may be listening to our conversations, especially if we sound stressed or anxious.

If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to your pediatrician or school counselor.  I am sure they would be happy to help support your family through these times!

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