Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kindness - Round 1

The other day, I heard a student telling another student to "go away" when she tried to join in on a conversation.  I was shocked!  I probably shouldn't be, because kids actually say things like that all the time.  Yet I hope I will always be shocked in reactions to actions such as these.

"Don't be nice, be kind!" - one of my favorite sayings.  

There is nothing wrong with being polite and "nice"; but being kind is from the heart, a place of empathy and goodness.  When we are older, I hope the men and women in charge of our lives, our towns, and our country are kind people.

Towards that goal, Ms. Steim, Mr. Connors, and I began our Guidance lessons with the 4th and 5th graders this past week.  We watched Shel Silverstein narrate The Giving Tree and responded to a few reflection questions via Google Form.  This is the resulting Woodle from the prompt:  "Please share three words that describe the tree in The Giving Tree."

Wordle: The Giving Tree

Please join us on our quest of kindness~

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