Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stop the Presses

Mitch Resnick makes the comparison between literacy as education understands it and technological literacy. If we define literacy as having the skills to read and write, then our children cannot just consume media, they must also produce and collaborate through the use of technology. As parents, we cannot remain overwhelmed, fearful, or naive. After all, if we lived at the time when the printing press was invented, we would not be afraid to open a book . . . or would we?

Technology is not evil, just as cars are not evil - sign them (and us) up for some tech-ed! Here are some of the resources I collected at this year's Building Learning Conference hosted by November Learning. Check out Dean Shareski's bookmarks on internet safety. Using Delicious is a simple example of collaboration through technology!

Tip: don't forget to keep bookmarks of families and friends' links private; I know that if I shared photos of my children with you, I wouldn't want them shared without my permission.

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